Are you ready to rebuild your self confidence, self esteem and become strong mentally and physically?

Ready to reignite your passion and excitement for life and rediscover your true value?

Around Calgary we are most known for one specific result.

And that is to help our clients rebuild their self esteem and self confidence through diet, exercise and coaching.

My team and I have been helping clients reignite their passion and excitement for life and become strong both mentally and physically since 2012.

And what they’re even happier about is how quickly they lost the weight.

We know not everyone is the same!

Our program is designed specifically to help our clients rebuild their self esteem and self confidence. We do this using 3 critical steps.

The first step is called reconstruction. We need to build you from the ground up physically –  when you get your training and nutrition right you begin to get into a rhythm. And because your BODY controls your thoughts and emotions, most people feel lazy, upset, tired, triggered because their physical body isn’t optimize. When you reconstruct your physical body, you’ll feel amazing, you’ll have more energy, you’ll have more vitality, you’ll wake up feeling fresher. What are you doing right now with training? Is it working?

The second step is  – Reprogramming: Most people don’t get results because they stop right? Just like you told me earlier, you lost motivation, you lost your drive, or you couldn’t stick to it because it was too hard… Can I ask you a question…?  How many times have you lost motivation in the past and where does this dip?

The third step is reconditioning. I call it The Tribe.. The reason why most people fail is because they get pulled down by the people around them. There’s a famous saying, you’re the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself by.  Who right now is holding you back that you hang around with? What if you had a community  that were your best friends that all wanted to get better? Do you think that would bring you up? Of course it would.



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Your 28-day program comes with UNLIMITED group workouts so you can workout as much as want. For those with a busy schedule don't worry - there 14 different start times a day and the classes are only 30 minutes long!


  • Whole-food meal plan
  • Weekly accountability
  • Support & motivation

a $173 value!

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